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Certificate Tracks

  • Computational Chemistry – The emphasis in Computational Chemistry is life application of existing chemical software to problems (i.e. molecular biology, environmental chemistry and industrial chemistry.) Opportunities for training in software development are available. Curriculum options
  • Molecular Chemical Biology – This program combines computational training with extensive lab experiences. Graduates from this area will have practical and marketable experience in the lab, as well as an understanding of the techniques of informatics in the context of biology and chemistry. Curriculum options
  • Environmental Geographic Information Systems– This track offers students a thorough education in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) as applied to the study of environmental and epidemiological issues. Students learn GIS as well as scientific and statistical issues related to specific project applications. Curriculum options
  • Biophysics – Biophysicists use the methods of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology to study how living organisms work. They investigate how the brain processes and stores information, the heart pumps blood, muscles contract, plants use light in photosynthesis, genes are switched on and off, and many other questions. With quantitative modeling skills and experimental experience paired with exposure to modern biology, biophysicists are attractive candidates for employment in biotechnology companies, pharmaceuticals, medical device fabricators, imaging companies and many other technology fields. Curriculum options
  • Geohazards – This track is focused on training that improves students’ understanding, and mitigates the consequences of, natural hazards.  Curriculum options 
  • Hydrogeology – This track is focused on training the next generation of water resource scientists through advanced coursework in geochemistry, hydrogeology, and numerical methods.  With the laboratory, field method, and quantitative skills gained in this track students will prepare for work in the fields of environmental consulting, State/Federal environmental management, and other water resource related careers. Curriculum options

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