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students collaborating with computers and machines

The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) from each of the eligible departments will serve as the Faculty Advisor to students enrolled in the PSM Certificate. PSM students should meet regularly with the Director of Graduate Studies from their department to review their PSM Certificate curriculum to ensure they are on track to complete the requirements.

  • Biology DGS: Laura Rusche │ Office: 653 Cooke Hall │ Phone: 716-645-5198
  • Chemistry DGS: Diana Aga│ Office: 611 Natural Sciences Complex │ Phone: 716-645-4220
  • Geography DGS: Chris Larsen │ Office: 124 Wilkeson Quad │ Phone: 716-645-0488
  • Geology DGS: Greg Valentine │Office: 421 Hochstetter Hall │ Phone: 716-645-4295
  • Math DGS: William W. Menasco │ Office: 244 Mathematics Building │ Phone: 716-645-8765
  • Natural Science Interdisciplinary DGS: Scott Mackay │ Office: 810 Clemens Hall │ Phone: 716-645-0477
  • Physics DGS: Sambandamurthy Ganapthy │Office: 132 Fronczak Hall │Phone: 716-645-2906