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The Professional Science Management (PSM) Certificate is designed for graduate students in the Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Math, Natural Science Interdisciplinary and Physics departments. Students can pursue an advanced certificate in Geohazards. This is exclusively offered to graduate students and is not available to undergraduates.

The PSM Certificate combines coursework in science, management and ethics to better prepare students for industry or further academic study. The interdisciplinary nature of the PSM, professional skills courses and culminating experience make this an ideal academic credential for students who are pursuing a science-related position within business, government or non-profit sectors.

What are the benefits of earning the PSM Certificate?

  • Builds graduate level preparation in a STEM discipline.
  • Generally attainable in less than two years of study.
  • Gain more business skills than a traditional graduate degree in science or mathematics.
  • Experience collaborative networking across business and industries.
  • Gain real world project and team experience through a required internship, thesis, project, research, lab experience or independent study.

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